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The Money Market Fund

The sure way grow your wealth.

The Ndovu Fund offers a unique opportunity to preserve capital, outpace inflation, and earn competitive returns in a Money Market Fund.


Whether saving for short-term goals, building an emergency fund, or simply seeking a low-risk investment option, our fund is tailored to meet your needs.

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Discover Your Investment Style

Unleash your inner investor

Every investor is unique. Before making any investment decisions, take a few minutes to discover what type of investor you are, based on your financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment experience. 

Kenyan investor with Ndovu mobile app to discover what type of investor she is based on her financial goals



Money Markets

Unlock Diversified Growth with Curated ETFs

With a focus on safety, liquidity, and portfolio diversification, Backed by a team of seasoned investment professionals, we meticulously research and manage your investments to shield them from market volatility so you can generate a steady income stream from your investments.

We keep your money safe, your piece of mind is our highest priority

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Ndovu’s operations are overseen by the sector regulators: The Capital Markets Authority and the Institute of Certified Investment and Financial Analysts.

Bank-Level Security

Ndovu uses secure servers backed up by physical security. We adhere to security industry standards and have ultra-strict internal policies to ensure the highest level of safety.

Everything encrypted

State-of-the-art data encryption when handling your financial information and two-factor authentication (2FA) protection.


Your funds are held separately from ndovu in custodial accounts to keep them secure from any eventualities.

Available funds

Our global and local funds have delivered consistent returns to our clients.

Disclaimer: the returns displayed above were achieved over twelve months (at Dec 31, 2023) and may vary in the future.

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