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Wealth Management API

Ndovu Investment as a Service

Ndovu offers Investment as a Service enabling you as our partner to create customized investment and savings products on your platform allowing you to increase customer stickiness and revenue.

Our API is designed to increase your service offering giving your clients the ease of saving and investing in local and global markets on a single platform. Our API is built for financial institutions & technology companies.

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Plug & Play

Why ndovu?

Access simple, affordable, secure and regulated savings and Investment products


Access short and long-term savings products

Tax-free investments

Returns of up to 7% p.a


Access local and global ETFs

Multi currency investments

Returns of up to 30% p.a.

Without Ndovu
Image showing how businesses embedded investment services without Ndovu

Use cases

Brief description of possible use cases with Ndovu

Give your clients value addition by empowering them to make sound financial decisions by saving even as they spend on your products and services.

Financial Institutions

Building your own product may take months or years. With ndovu you cut down on costs, time and manpower to build and ship your own products.

Fund Managers

Setting up a fund is no easy task. With ndovu you have a single access point to build funds from a diverse portfolio of carefully selected Global investments.

How it works

High-level schematic view on how Ndovu works
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