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From Rainy Days to Financial Security: How to Save Smart With Fixed Returns Products

Everyone always says it’s important to save money because it’s the ‘responsible’ thing to do, but that doesn’t necessarily inspire people to put some money aside.

While it is sometimes tempting to believe that these ‘rainy days’ you should save for will never come, maturing comes with unending bills and emergencies, so it’s crucial to have a fraction of your income stored away for this.

As a general rule of thumb, it is advised to save at least 20% of your income each month. Nonetheless, this percentage is not universal and can differ depending on the individual. Regardless, the ultimate objective is to save, even if it is only a small amount. Although saving money with a bank may not be the smart choice. This article will explore fixed returns products as a superior alternative to increase your savings.

What Are Fixed Returns Products?

Fixed Return Products provide investors with a stable interest rate each year by investing in top-tier fixed income securities, such as government bonds, treasury bills, and money markets. This investment vehicle is ideal for those looking to diversify their portfolio, establish emergency Return Products, or maintain capital. Unlike keeping Return Products in a bank account, fixed Return Products offer numerous advantages.

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In Fixed Returns Products?

You may be wondering, why invest in a fixed Return product as opposed to saving in your bank which is a more familiar avenue? Well, fixed return products  have a number of advantages over bank savings accounts including:

  • Higher returns. On average the returns from fixed returns are higher than savings accounts interest rates.

  • Capital Preservation: Generally, fixed return products preserve your initial capital invested and are low risk.

  • Tax exemptions. Not all companies offer this but at ndovu, any income earned on fixed Return Products is tax free while any interest earned on savings accounts is taxable income.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing A Fixed Return Product?

Investing money can sometimes be intimidating especially for beginners. With many investment opportunities out there you need to consider a number of things in order to decide which kind of product to invest your money, including:  

  • Your Investment Goals.You should consider what your short and long term goals are before investing. Is your priority higher returns or preserving your capital? Answering these questions can help you pick the product that best suits your needs.

  • Your Risk Appetite. Fixed Return Products like all investments carry some level of risk so it is important to analyze how comfortable you are with the risk levels of different Return Products in order to inform your investment strategy.

What Are The Risks Associated With Fixed Return Products?

Although considered a secure investment option, fixed Return Products still involve some level of risk. Here are some of the risks associated with fixed Return Products:

  • Interest rate risk: Fixed Return Products are sensitive to fluctuations in interest rates, which can impact their returns.

  • Credit risk: Fixed Return Products invest in fixed income securities, such as bonds and treasury bills, which carry credit risk. If the issuer defaults on the payment, it could negatively affect the product’s return.

  • Inflation risk: Fixed Return Products may not keep pace with inflation, which can erode the purchasing power of your investment over time.

  • Liquidity risk: Fixed Return Products can be less liquid than other types of investments, which means it may be difficult to sell your investment when you want to.

  • Market risk: Although fixed Return Products are generally considered less risky than equities, they can still be impacted by overall market conditions, leading to potential losses.


You should carefully consider these risks before investing in fixed Return Products and make sure that they align with your investment goals and risk tolerance.

How Can You Get Started Investing In Fixed Return Products With Ndovu?

At ndovu, we designed the ndovu Sure Fixed Returns Range by listening to our users. This product offers investors a sure way to earn based on their investment risk profile and anticipated investment period. The different fixed Return Products offered under this product include:

  • Ndovu Flexi – This product is a short term savings product that invests in fixed deposits. It offers 5.5% tax free interest per year.

  • Ndovu supreme – This product is better suited to medium to long term investors and invests in cash holdings as well. It offers 7% tax free interest per year.

Why Should You Invest In ndovu Sure?

Ndovu Sure offers you a chance to earn better returns than you would in a bank, in an easy and affordable way. To illustrate this let’s look at a hypothetical scenario to see how money invested in ndovu Sure compares to money in your bank.

Save with ndovu Sure. Your future self will thank you later.

Apart from its superior advantage over bank savings, there are multiple factors that make ndovu Sure the most favorable option for fixed returns investment, enabling you to utilize your savings and increase your wealth. Let’s take a look at four of these reasons:

  • Phenomenal Product: We designed this product to offer our users the opportunity to earn up to 7% with less than Ksh 200. Typically you would need to save significantly more than Ksh 200 to unlock this return. Therefore, It’s really a no brainer.

  • We keep your money SAFE: Because your money is safe at ndovu.  We are licensed and regulated by the Capital Markets Authority as an online investment platform.  This means we have built our business on a strong foundation with money security at the center of our decision making.

  • Easy & Transparent: We have simplified the process of saving in fixed Return Products by providing a smart, simple, and affordable solution with Ndovu Sure. With as little as Ksh. 200, Ndovu Sureenables your money to safely earn returns ranging from 5.5% to 7% with the different Return Products including: Ndovu flexi andNdovu supreme.

  • No Fee: Lastly, it is absolutely FREE. You read right, we do not charge you any fee for saving and earning with ndovu.


Sign up here to get started.

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