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About us.

Who we are.

Ndovu is a digital investment platform designed to make investments in local and global financial markets more accessible, secure and affordable. We are dedicated to providing our clients with expert financial advice tailored to their unique needs and objectives.  

What we do.

We build strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers. We take time to get to know them individually, understand their financial needs and goals and guide them on the best investment strategies. We work with clients to craft customized solutions that give maximum returns while managing risk. We help the client achieve financial freedom. 


Our Mission

We enable our customers to make informed investments and help them secure better financial futures by providing a seamless digital platform and high-quality, consistent, and diversified investment solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a regional leader in the provision of financial investment solutions in Africa and to create a world where Africans use our platform to secure their future.

Core Values


We manage our business honestly and truthfully and adhere to ethical standards.


We aim to achieve the highest professional standards in all our dealings.


We operate with openness and are accountable for our actions.


The love of what we do flows through our veins.

Customer Centricity

The customer is at the center of all our efforts. Your goals are our goals.  


We constantly challenge the status quo and look for better, smarter solutions to serve you better.

Our Story

Ndovu was founded in 2021 by African finance experts committed to even the playing field in investments for all by providing Africans with the financial education and tools they need to create wealth responsibly and access high-performing investment opportunities.

Together, our three founders bring over four decades of financial investment and technology experience, leading a talented team of dedicated professionals across Africa to deliver the best investment solutions.


Our Founders

Our Team

Our team brings deep expertise in wealth management and technology combined with strong understanding of the local market and constant desire to help our customers achieve their financial goals.

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Ndovu Telegram Group

Welcome to the herd! Here, you’ll join our financial enthusiast community of traders and investors who are building wealth via the stock market. New to investing, a trading enthusiast? Click the button or scan the QR code, we are very happy to have you!

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