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Ndovu Fee Structure

Last update: 13 February 2024

App Usage

Sign-up and unlimited usage of the ndovu app    

No charges


Basic plan

No charges

Standard plan

KES 3,000

Ultimate plan

KES 30,000

Transaction Fees


No charges

USD bank transfer withdraws

USD 9.00

All other withdraws

No charges

Investment Fees

Global funds for users on basic plans

4.5% on investment amount when investment is made

Global funds for users on standard plans

4.0% on investment amount when investment is made

Global funds for users on ultimate plans

3.5% on investment amount when investment is made

Local bonds for all users

0.375% twice per year on invested mount

All other investments

No charges

Disinvestment Fees

All funds

No charges

  1. Global funds include the following funds: Blue Chip, Call of Gamers, Chinese Dragons, Futurist, Gold, Halaal, Healthcare, Jackpot, Kings of Blockchain, Microchips, New Dawn, Property Mogul, Safety Net, The Techie, Wall Street and World Famous. Ndovu is always seeking for new global funds that provide the return-risk profiles our users want. This list may vary as new funds are introduced and existing funds removed.

  2. This includes the following funds. Dhamana and all Infrastructure Bonds

  3. This includes the following funds: Bonga Na Ndovu, ndovu Sure Flexi, ndovu Sure Supreme, Salama, ndovu Fixed Deposit and ndovu Prime (USD)

  4. This includes: KES to EUR and GBP, USD to KES, EUR and GBP, EUR to KES, USD and GBP, and GBP to KES, USD and EUR.

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