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Halal Investment: How Ndovu Can Help You Invest According to Your Faith.

Halal Investment

As the Muslim population grows globally, so does the appetite for investing in permitted opportunities. Islamic finance places critical importance on ensuring that income is generated in lawful ways, as enshrined in the Quran and the Sunnah.

For Muslim investors, it is haram (not permitted) to participate in any business involving activities such as gambling, selling drugs, and financial transactions with riba

The Ummah needs to create wealth by harnessing permitted investment opportunities that generate income and/or capital gains. This need is met through Halal Investment.

What is Halal Investment?

Halal investment refers to the investment of money in accordance with Islamic finance principles. 

Sharia finance law is centered on the concepts of social justice, ethics, and using finances to help build communities.

Benefits of Halal Investments

Halal investing encourages a disciplined investment process that promotes in-depth security research and monitoring. Some of the benefits of halal investments for Muslims (and non-Muslims alike) include the following:

  1. Social Responsibility A socially responsible approach to finance and investment means that assets are deployed to benefit society. This leads to enhanced protection of human rights, just distribution of wealth, and conscious ethical investments that minimize environmental degradation.

  2. Less Exposure to Risk  Islamic finance principles mean halal investment products are less prone to massive market changes and fluctuations. The de-linkage from riba reduces economic vulnerability.

  3. Growing wealth in an ethical way This is the most critical benefit for Muslim investors. Halal investment means that Muslims can engage and involve themselves with permitted opportunities that exist beyond the borders of their immediate domicile.

Halal investing is a growing financial niche and it is available to people of all faiths. Investing in Sharia-compliant products is not difficult or impossible; it only requires some information gathering and commitment to investment execution.

Investing in Halal Funds with Ndovu

The easiest way to begin investing in Shariah-compliant investments is through Halal Funds. These funds are approved by religious scholars through Fatwa (legal ruling). They are designed to meet the investment needs of everyone seeking long-term income generation and capital growth through Shariah-compliant instruments. 

For the first time in Kenya, you can easily access Halal Funds from the comfort of your home via Ndovu.

Through Ndovu, you can build a personalized portfolio and an investment plan that works just for you. 

As your investment partner, Ndovu puts you first and will help grow your wealth according to Islamic finance principles.

Ndovu’s Halaal Fund opens up the world of Shariah-compliant investments to everyone.

Get started here. If you have questions about your portfolio or how this approach can support your investing program, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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