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Secure, simple and affordable

Invest with confidence, access global funds and let your money work for you

Ndovu offers an array of curated funds, strategically selected to cover local and global sectors, including technology, healthcare, and finance.

The Techie
Your goals, our expertise

Access high-performing funds in global markets

The investment funds that are available on ndovu are strategically selected to enable you to diversify your portfolio in multiple sectors globally and locally based on your financial goals and risk appetite.






Average Annual Return
Your goals, our expertise

Achieve your financial dreams with goal-based saving

Goal-based saving is a personalized approach that aligns your investments with your specific financial goals, whether saving for retirement, building an emergency fund, or buying your home, or starting a new business.

Hero shot from the goal-based saving functionality within the Ndovu platform
Unique benefits

Why Ndovu?

Ndovu believes growing your wealth should be simple, secure, and affordable. That’s why it’s designed to offer unique benefits that help you maximize your returns and achieve your financial goals.

Tax-free investment products

Ndovu offers you a variety of tax-free investment products to help maximize your returns while minimizing your tax liability.

Higher investment return rates

Ndovu is designed to provide higher investment returns rates than traditional savings accounts, helping your money grow faster.

Access to global bonds and shares

Ndovu allows you to invest in local and global equity, cash and bond ETFs to diversify your portfolio and take advantage of international opportunities

Easy accessibility and tracking of investments

Ndovu is a user-friendly platform that makes tracking and managing your savings investments easy, with real-time updates and reporting.


Ndovu allows you to invest in multiple currencies, providing greater flexibility and portfolio diversification.

Smart, simple, secure, and affordable platform

Ndovu is designed to be smart, simple, secure, and affordable without any complicated jargon or paperwork.

Your peace of mind is our highest priority

Ndovu is built on a solid foundation, with your money’s security at the center of our decision-making.

High Compliance Standards

Ndovu adheres to high compliance standards and business conduct in each country of operation

Blockchain Encryption

Ndovu's core is built on blockchain, allowing us to record all your transactions accurately

Military-Level Security

We adhere to industry standards and have strict internal policies to ensure the highest level of safey

International Bank-Level Security

We use state-of-the-art data encryption when handling your financial information

Client testimonials

I was looking for Shariah-compliant investments aligned with my values without compromising the potential for competitive returns. With most investment avenues in Kenya containing Riba, my options were limited. The Halaal Fund enabled me to invest in a manner that was aligned with Islamic principles while also benefiting from the potential returns.

Discover your investment style

Unleash your inner investor

Every investor is unique. Before making any investment decisions, take a few minutes to discover what type of investor you are, based on your financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment experience. 

Kenyan investor using the Ndovu mobile app to discover what type of investor she is based on her financial goals
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